The main purpose of bionutrient family products is to help in the growing phase of the plant.
Among the great variety of fertiliser products we offer on the market, bionutrients focus on the most critical phases, or those of physiological stress. In addition, they help to improve the structure, nutritional development and properties of the soil. Their formulation facilitates the assimilation of the micronutrients necessary for the development and growth of the plant.
These products can be used in large-scale cropping and are advisable for organic production.

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AMINOKEL-30 Is an organic bionutrient with a high content of amino acids from enzymatic fermentation, vegetable proteins and synthetic amino acids, for use in critical vegetative phases or after a period of stress. Its high amino acid content makes it an ideal product for increasing plant physiological activity.


BAFFIN PLUS is a liquid bionutrient which is quickly incorporated into the flow of sap once applied, thus enhancing the activity of the aminoacids, macronutrients and active components it contains. Improves the growth of the crop and the size of the fruits. Apply following episodes of stress for the plant to recover.


POTASIO BIOLÓGICO is a fertiliser and stimulant concentrate of plant origin, obtained after the processing of materials from the sugar industry. It has a high content in potassium, and is rich in aminoacids, both from natural sources. It is a source of organic matter and humic acids which improve the

properties of the soil, the rooting of crops, and has an outstanding effect on the fattening, quality and maturity of the fruits.


PROTIKEL is a bionutrient containing amino acids obtained by enzymatic fermentation from a protein-rich plant substrate.



Soil stimulant and conditioner

SOLMIX is a formulation based on a complex of free aminoacids of plant origin, with an organic extract of humic and fulvic acids, developed as a soil stimulant and conditioner. Using it on roots harnesses the efficiencies in its formulation for optimal development of crops and improved fruiting.