The micronutrients are formulated with an extract of kelp (Ecklonia maxima), which contains a large number of natural auxins and other substances with a stimulant effect on crops.
These fertilisers also contain gibberellins which help the growth of stalks, and cytokinins which push back the ageing of the plant.

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FERROBED is a new formulation designed to correct iron deficiencies under the most difficult conditions (calcareous and alkaline soils), which contains 16% potassium. It is estimated that its efficiency is 20% greater than standard Fe-EDDHA correctors. Its mixed formulation incorporates a novel iron chelate, Fe-HBED which complements the Fe-EDDHA, offering great advantages in terms of stability because Fe-HBED is stable up to pH 12, meaning that the iron is less easily replaced by copper, and only the ortho-ortho isomer of the chelates (EDDHA and HBED) is used, which improves the persistence of the iron in the soil.


Possibility of use in a wide variety of crops.
Perfect adaptation for use in mechanised irrigation systems (fertigation), due to the absence of insoluble elements.
Microgranules for exact and comfortable dosing and dissolution.


FERROKEL is a product chelated with EDDHA of great efficacy for the correction of iron chlorosis in the majority of soils, and, particularly at alkaline ones, it can be used as a source of iron in fertigation plans.


LIGNOKEL HIERRO is a liquid corrector of complexed iron, highly specific for activating the enzymatic processes of the plant and the formation of proteins, which acts to catalyse redox reactions in different metabolic processes.


LIGNOKEL Zn/Mn is a liquid mixture of manganese and zinc for application to both leaf and root. It is an association of oligoelements devised for prevention or correction of deficiencies of these elements, which are usually found together.


MEGAKEL COMPLEX is a product formulated with organic chelating agents which prevent and correct oligoelement deficiencies in a wide variety of crops (woody, horticulturals, hydroponic, etc.). It regulates the exchange and availability of nutrients between the soil solution and the root environment. It can be used as a complement to mineral fertilisation and is particularly useful for spot irrigation. Suitable for use in organic farming fertilisation programmes.


MEGAKEL MIX is a solid mixture of essential oligoelements chelated by EDTA, presented in the form of water-dispersible grains (WG) applied directly to the soil, provided its pH is not above 8. Indicated to prevent and correct multiple deficiencies of different oligoelements essential for grabre, wood, horticultural and ornamental crops. It dissolves completely and instantaneously, and does not form clumps or leave sediments, leaving tanks clean.


MONDA 6 contains chelated iron to correct iron chlorosis at alkaline soils or those rich in limestone. It is recommended in fertigation programmes as an iron supplement at the moments of greatest demand or to correct incipient deficiencies. MONDA 6 is effective for numerous crops and circumstances.


VEGA CALCIO is a liquid fertiliser based on calcium complexed with lignosulphonic acid, indicated to correct deficiencies and satisfy special needs for this element in most crops.



VEGA FERRO is a deficiency corrector of iron complexed by humic acids and lignosulphonic acids . It is an organic formulation with a high content in carboxyl groups and phenols, which act on the soil to improve its physico-chemical properties when applied via irrigation.