The fertilisers classified as specialities are technologically advanced products.
They contain rooters and nutritional complexes to satisfy special needs.
They can be applied either to roots or leaves, depending on the use made of the product. Make the quality of your fruit better with fertilisers.

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Boron ethanolamine. Improves flowering, pollination and the quality of fruits and seeds.

BOROMINE is a fertiliser based on boron and acts as a liquid corrector of boron deficiency, formulated as a complex of stabilised soluble borates with monoethanolamine, which improves its efficacy in leaf application.


FLOWER POWER is a formulation which combines a rich mixture of boron and molybdenum with phosphorus, especially designed for abundant flowering, proper setting and correct development of the fruits.


GRASSKEL 50 is a high-graduation liquid potassium fertiliser formulated with EDTA which facilitates optimal uptake of potassium either by root or leaf application. It increases the precocity, quality and sugar content of fruits. It also enhances the fatty yield of fruits and seeds.

It is recommended that the treatments should be applied from the end of fattening or start of maturation, monitoring the pH of the solution.


GRASSKEL-S is a special fertiliser with a high concentration of potassium which can be used as a source of this element in all those crops which are major consumers of potassium during their whole crop cycle, or at moments of greatest need. The use of GRASSKEL-S increases the size of the fruit, improves their colouring, taste and sugar content. It is especially indicated for bringing forward maturation and improving the organoleptic quality of the fruit.


KELZINC is a concentrated corrector of zinc formulated specifically to prevent and correct zinc deficiency states in crops which are particularly demanding this element, or when there are especially difficult conditions for assimilation.

Its formulation as a concentrated suspension of zinc oxide has been developed for application to the soil, especially with deficiencies which do not respond to other treatments.


40 kg/ha of KELZINC applied in spot irrigation during the months of June and July 2012, in 3 batches of 13 kg, allowed the zinc levels to be increased.


LIGNOCOBRE is an innovative formulation designed as a copper corrector with healing capacity for both leaf and root application. Copper is essential for numerous biochemical processes, fostering the lignification and healing of injuries.


LIGNOKAL PLUS is used as a source of calcium and magnesium in the prevention and cure of disorders arising out of the assimilation of these elements, to improve certain aspects of fruit quality, such as shine and consistency, or when the plant demands a lot of calcium but the conditions are unfavourable for its mobility and/or assimilation. It is an ideal supplement in treatments aimed at nurturing fruit development, improving their quality and conservation.


LIGNOMOL was developed to enhance the flowering and fruiting of certain crops and to avert and correct deficiencies of molybdenum. It is a special molybdenum-based corrector presented as a completely soluble liquid, easy to dose and apply either to leaves or roots. It also contains phosphorus to act as a supplement during the flowering and setting of certain crops.


TIPPION is a liquid fertiliser which is very rich in potassium, and its formulation does not raise the pH of phytosanitary solutions. Highly recommended for increasing the fat content in olives, for the fattening and maturation of fruits and tubercles, as well as to increase the lignification of sprouts in those cases where this is required.