Water conditioners for crops
Water conditioners help to optimise the condition of the water used in phytosanitary and nutritional treatments.
Fertilisers classified as water conditioners for crops also regulate problems of soil salinity and meet the calcium needs of crops.
Make your crops yield their maximum potential.

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ACID COLOR is a soluble liquid fertiliser which contains phosphorus salts with coadjuvants and it includes a colour-changing pH indicator to allow the pH of the solution to be easily adjusted as desired. ACID COLOR offers 3 principal actions:

pH regulator: allows the pH to be reduced in phytosanitary and fertiliser mixes, preventing the alkaline degradation of the active ingredients.

Active substance surfactant: increases the adherence and absorption of phytosanitary and fertiliser products.

Antifoam: its formulation incorporates active substances which inhibit frothing.


LIGNOCLEAN is a formulation developed to clean the leaves and other aerial parts of plants, primarily to forestall the inconveniences of the honeydew which becomes deposited on leaves for a variety of reasons. This honeydew acts as an adhesive for dust and dirt and is the substrate for the growth of fungi (sooty blotch). LIGNOCLEAN stops the photosynthetically active surface of the plant from being reduced, which could impact yields.


STOP 3 ACID is a liquid supplement of nitrogen and phosphorus enhanced with coadjuvants. It offers the following functionality:

pH regulator: allows the pH to be reduced in treatment mixes, preventing the alkaline hydrolysis of the active substances.

Antifoam agent: averts the formation of foam while preparing the mix, facilitating its preparation, especially when different products are to be mixed.

Synergy action of active substances.