ACID COLOR is a soluble liquid fertiliser which contains phosphorus salts with coadjuvants and it includes a colour-changing pH indicator to allow the pH of the solution to be easily adjusted as desired. ACID COLOR offers 3 principal actions:

pH regulator: allows the pH to be reduced in phytosanitary and fertiliser mixes, preventing the alkaline degradation of the active ingredients.

Active substance surfactant: increases the adherence and absorption of phytosanitary and fertiliser products.

Antifoam: its formulation incorporates active substances which inhibit frothing.

Family: Water conditioners

Guaranteed Content

Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) water soluble
17,7% p/v
Total nitrogen (N)
4,7% p/v
Ureic nitrogen (N)
4,7% p/v
1,18 g/cc

Application and dose

Fill the water tank up to 2/3 full, and add ACID COLOR with the stirrer moving until the water colour indicates a pH of 5-5.5. Add the phytosanitary products to be applied, following the instructions on their labels, and fill the tank up with water. If the pH has risen and is not appropriate, continue adding ACID COLOR slowly while stirring, until the desired pH is reached.

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