BAFFIN PLUS is a liquid bionutrient which is quickly incorporated into the flow of sap once applied, thus enhancing the activity of the aminoacids, macronutrients and active components it contains.

It can be applied to different crops such as citruses, fruit trees, olives, vegetables, strawberries, tropicals and bananas.

Family: Bionutrients

Guaranteed Content

Free aminoacids
7,3% p/v
Total nitrogen (N)
7,5% p/v
Organic nitrogen (N)
3,3% p/v
Ammoniacal nitrogen (N)
0,97% w/v
Nitric nitrogen (N)
3,3% p/v
Óxido de Potasio (K2O) Soluble en Agua
3,6% p/v
Pentóxido de Fosforo (P2O5) Soluble en agua
0,85% p/v
Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) water soluble
41,1% p/v
Total humic extract
1,21 g/cc

Application and dose

General: 200-500 cc/hl. For sensitive crops, carry out a trial in advance.

Herbaceous: 20-40 l/ha.
Woody: 40-60 L/ha.
Strawberries: 0.5 l/week and 1000 plants with total use of 20-40 l/ha.
Greenhouse crops: 0.5-1 l/week and 1000 m2.

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