Wettable powder phytoregulator for leaf application.

BALAT HORMON contains an association of auxins which acts to induce setting in different horticultural and fruit crops, even in adverse climatic conditions. It can likewise be used to come through critical stages during growth, to stimulate vegetation, especially in the first phases of fruiting and under unfavourable conditions (frost, phytotoxicity, etc….). Secondly, it contributes to increasing the synthesis of plant proteins.

Family: Crop protection

Guaranteed Content

NAA (naphthaleneacetic acid)
0,45% p/p (4,50 g/kg)
NAA-amide (amide salt of naphthaleneacetic acid)
1,20% p/p (12,00 g/kg)
pH (1%, 20ºC)

Application and dose

General indications: It should be applied at a dose of 0.06% (60 grammes per 100 litres of water).
Spray abundantly at normal pressure to soak all the vegetation thoroughly. Not recommended for use with temperatures above 25-30°C or during flowering. With technical assistance, at temperatures above 30°C, it should be used at the dose of 40 g/hl.

Horticulturals: when applied at the start of flowering, it induces setting of the flowers; if flowering is staggered, the treatment should be repeated every 8-10 days.
Woody crops: applied 10-15 days before the start of flowering, it induces setting of the flowers.
Herbaceous ornamentals: when applied after a crisis period for the crop, it stimulates plant activity. Safety period: 30 days. There is no safety period for herbaceous ornamentals.
Specific indications DO NOT POLLUTE WATER WITH THE PRODUCT OR ITS CONTAINER: Do not clean the application equipment close to surface waters. Avoid water pollution through farm or track drainage systems. Toxic to aquatic organisms.

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