Boron ethanolamine. Improves flowering, pollination and the quality of fruits and seeds.

BOROMINE is a fertiliser based on boron and acts as a liquid corrector of boron deficiency, formulated as a complex of stabilised soluble borates with monoethanolamine, which improves its efficacy in leaf application.

Family: Specialities

Guaranteed Content

Boron (B) water soluble
15,0% p/v
Equivalent to borate (B2O3)
48,1% p/v
1,36 g/cc

Application and dose

This product is especially indicated for fighting the following symptoms or disorders.
Apple and pear: to prevent bitter pit, cracking and canker.
Sugar beet: to avoid rotting at roots.
Grapes: to improve flowering and prevent irregular setting, to prevent small and wrinkled fruits.
Olives: reduced production, tobacco-coloured leaves and deformed olives ("monkey-face"), dried-up branches.
Celery: to prevent rotten or blackened heart.
Cauliflower and broccoli: curled-up leaves.
Lettuce: rotten heads and side burning.
Asparagus: dried-up tip and stems.
Potato: necrosis and dark green deformations.
Slight deficiency: 100-200 cc/100 l water.
Moderate deficiency: 300-400 cc/100 l water.
Severe deficiency: 500-600 cc/100 l water.
Arables: apply from 4-6 l/ha.
Grapes: general use is 1-1.5 l/ha.

Fruit trees, olives: 5-8 l/ha.
Horticulturals: 3-4 l/ha.
Industrial vines: 3-5 l/ha.
Flowers: 3-4 l/ha distributed over the cycle.

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