Highly concentrated solid humic acids to improve the characteristics of the soil.

CHICAL is an organic corrector formulated as a crystalline solid, completely soluble, recommended for adding humic acids to the soil. This supplement improves soil characteristics, enhancing the development of beneficial microbes and mobilising nutritious elements, allowing crops to develop highly efficient root systems, leading to sound formation of sprouts, fruits and tubercles.

Family: Soil improvers

Guaranteed Content

Total humic extract
70,0% p/p
Humic acids
55,0% p/p
Fulvic acids
15,0% p/p
Potassium oxide (K2O) water soluble
8,0% p/p
pH (10% solution)

Application and dose

Horticulturals: 6-9 kg/ha, with 3 applications of 2-3 kg/ha.
Citruses and fruit trees: 6-9 kg/ha, with 3 applications of 2-3 kg/ha.
Bananas: 6-9 kg/ha, with 3 applications of 2-3 kg/ha.
Strawberries, raspberries and blueberries: 2-8 kg/ha, with 4 applications of 0.5-2 kg/ha.
Olives: 1-4 kg/ha, with 2 applications during the growth cycle of 0.5-2 kg/ha.  
Ornamentals: 2-6 kg/ha. For use during the growth cycle, divided up into weekly applications.
Field and trellis grapes: 2-5 kg/ha, with 5 applications of 0.4-1 kg/ha.
Arables: 3-6 kg/ha, with 2 applications of 1.5-2 kg/ha.

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