Specially for fattening fruits

ENZIKEL is a biostimulant enriched with amino acids and enzymes, enhances physiological plant processes. Its benefits are demonstrated especially during fruit development, increasing their size.

Family: Biostimulants

Guaranteed Content

Iron (Fe) water soluble, chelated by EDTA
2,5% p/v
Iron (Fe) complexed by heptagluconic acid
2,1% p/v
Hierro (Fe) Quelatado por EDDHSA
0,4% p/v
Hierro (Fe) Quelatado por EDDHSA en forma orto-orto
0,4% p/v
Aminoacidos Libres
2,5% p/v
Nitrógeno (N) Total
1,3% p/v
Materia Orgánica
17,6% p/v
Óxido de Potasio (K2O) Soluble en Agua
1,4% p/v
1,26 g/cc

Application and dose

Horticulturals: use from 1-2 l/ha and application, depending on the crop and the moment of application. Frequency of use: for spring cycles, every 7-10 days. For autumn cycles, every 10-15 days. No. of treatments: A minimum of 2-3 applications throughout the cycle.

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