ESTIMUKEL is a triple combination of complexed trace elements, useful to correcting deficiencies of microelements necessary for the optimal development of the plants, composed of lignosulphonic acid and aluminium salts.

ESTIMUKEL is a product with a dual role:

  • Stimulant: it is formulated to exercise a natural stimulant action on the plants.
  • Nutritional: it incorporates copper, manganese and zinc.

ESTIMUKEL fosters the formation of phytoalexins and phenolic components, activators of the self-defence system of the plant.
ESTIMUKEL can be used with optimal results to improve the critical stages of growth, flowering and setting, and to make the plant more robust.

Family: Biostimulants

Guaranteed Content

Cobre (Cu) Soluble en Agua, complejado por Ácido Lignosulfónico
2,0% p/v
Manganeso (Mn) Soluble en Agua, complejado por Ácido Lignosulfónico
0.86% w/v
Zinc (Zn) Soluble en Agua, complejado por Ácido Lignosulfónico
0.58% w/v
1,15 g/cc

Application and dose

ESTIMUKEL improves the unit weight per lettuce, with respect to the control and the reference. Dose: 3 applications at 2 cc/l.
ESTIMUKEL enhances precocity as the lettuce reaches its commercial weight faster. Difference in weight for lettuce with ESTIMUKEL (%) compared to the control and the reference.  

ROOT APPLICATION Open-air horticulturals: 2-4 l/ha and application. Horticulturals (greenhouses): 1-3 l/ha and application. Citruses: 5-7 l/ha and application. Fruit trees: 3-5 l/ha and application. Field and trellis grapes: 3-5 l/ha and application.

LEAF APPLICATION Horticulturals: 200-300 cc/hl. Citruses: 250-400 cc/hl. Fruit trees: 200-400 cc/hl. Field and trellis grapes: 200-300 cc/hl. Olives: 250-500 cc/hl.

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