FERROKEL is a product chelated with EDDHA of great efficacy for the correction of iron chlorosis in the majority of soils, and, particularly at alkaline ones, it can be used as a source of iron in fertigation plans.

Family: Micronutrients

Guaranteed Content

Iron (Fe) water soluble
6,0% p/p
Hierro (Fe) quelatado por EDDHA
4,8% p/p
Hierro (Fe) quelatado por EDDHA en forma orto-orto
4,8% p/p
Intervalo de estabilidad del quelato

Application and dose

FERROKEL is applied to soil after dissolution in the irrigation water. Its use on wet soil is advised to facilitate rapid absorption by the roots. Irrigating again afterwards is recommended.
Arable crops: 2-4 kg/ha.
Citruses and fruit trees: young trees 5-15 g/tree Starting to produce 15-25 g/tree. In full production 30-50 g/tree. Highly developed trees 60-100 g/trees.
Field and trellis grapes: recently planted 3-5 g/plant. In production 5-10 g/plant.
Horticulturals and ornamentals: 1-5 g/m2.
Strawberry: 3-7 kg/ha.
Nurseries: 1-3 g/foot or 3-5 g/m2.

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