GRASSKEL-S is a special fertiliser with a high concentration of potassium which can be used as a source of this element in all those crops which are major consumers of potassium during their whole crop cycle, or at moments of greatest need. The use of GRASSKEL-S increases the size of the fruit, improves their colouring, taste and sugar content. It is especially indicated for bringing forward maturation and improving the organoleptic quality of the fruit.

Family: Specialities

Guaranteed Content

Potassium oxide (K2O) water soluble
50,0% p/p
Total nitrogen (N)
5,2% p/p
Nitric nitrogen (N)
2,6% p/p
Ammoniacal nitrogen (N)
2,6% p/p
Chelating agent EDTA
11,0% p/p
pH (dilution 1:25)

Application and dose

Citruses and fruit trees: 150-200 g/hl.
Horticulturals: 150-250 g/hl.
Industrial potatoes, beet and tomato: 150-250 g/hl.
Olives and cotton: 200-300 g/hl.
Field and trellis grapes: 1.5-2 kg/ha.
GRASSKEL 50 should be applied neat, without any mixing, due to its formulation and basic character. Controlling the pH of the mix at 6-6.5 using STOP 3 ACID is recommended. In cases of doubt, carry out a trial in advance.

Citruses and fruit trees: 20-40 kg/ha distributed over several applications of irrigation.
Horticulturals: 10-30 kg/ha (applications of 5-10 kg/ha).
Industrial potatoes, beet and tomato: 10-20 kg/ha (in several applications).
Bananas: 30-60 kg/ha (in several applications).
Field and trellis grapes: 7-15 kg/ha (in several applications).

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