Soil humectant to improve the use of water and nutrients

HUMITPLUS is a product designed to improve the wettability of the soil, which permits better penetration, distribution and retention of irrigation water.

HUMITPLUS improves the vertical and horizontal distribution of water through the soil profile, it limits losses from percolation and runoff of water and nutrients and also increases the soil volume explored by roots by extending the volume moistened.

Family: Soil improvers

Guaranteed Content

Non-ionic surfactants
30% w/w

Application and dose

HUMITPLUS is recommended for application using drip irrigation.
With aspersion irrigation. it should only be used in the absence of plants.
Initial applications: 1.5-2 l/ha.
Repetitions: 1 l/ha every 20-30 days.
Substrate or soil treatment during transplantation: 0.5-1 l/1000 l of irrigation solution.

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