LIGNOCLEAN is a formulation developed to clean the leaves and other aerial parts of plants, primarily to forestall the inconveniences of the honeydew which becomes deposited on leaves for a variety of reasons. This honeydew acts as an adhesive for dust and dirt and is the substrate for the growth of fungi (sooty blotch). LIGNOCLEAN stops the photosynthetically active surface of the plant from being reduced, which could impact yields.

Family: Water conditioners

Guaranteed Content

Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) water soluble
12,1% p/v
Total nitrogen (N)
1,7% p/v
Ureic nitrogen (N)
10,4% p/v
Ammoniacal nitrogen (N)
8,7% p/v
Special coadjuvants
46,0% p/v
1,15 g/cc

Application and dose

LIGNOCLEAN can be applied throughout the cycle of the crop.
Wetting both sides of leaves with abundant water is recommended.
Mild supplement 100-200 cc/hl Wet
Medium supplement 200-300 cc/hl Wet
Strong supplement 300-400 cc/hl Wet

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