Humic acids from leonardite to improve the physico-chemical and biological conditions in the soil.

LIGNOHUMUS is an organic concentrate with a high content in humic and fulvic acids which strongly enhance root development both of the primary root and adventitious ones. LIGNOHUMUS permits water to be used better, and improves the mobilisation and absorption of other nutrients and minerals present in the soil and added in fertilisers. It activates crops, making them more vigorous and improving yields. 

Family: Soil improvers

Guaranteed Content

Total humic extract
31,2% p/v
Humic acids
12,0% p/v
Fulvic acids
19,2% p/v
Potassium oxide (K2O) water soluble
6,6% p/v
1,20 g/cc

Application and dose

Horticulturals, citruses, fruit trees and bananas; 30-45 l/ha, with 3 applications of 10-15 l/ha.
Strawberries, raspberries and blueberries: 30-40 l/ha at the rate of 7-10 l/ha and application.
Olives: 12-20 l/ha, with 2 applications of 6-10 l/ha.
Ornamentals: 8-16 l/ha.
Divide into weekly applications.
Field and trellis grapes: 6-9 l/ha at the rate of 2-3 l/ha and application.
Arables: 12-20 l/ha at the rate of 6-10 l/ha and application.
Horticulturals: 8-16 l/ha over the whole cycle, at the rate of 2-4 l/ha and application.

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