LIGNOKELP is a newly formulated biostimulant based on the activity of extract of Kelp (Ecklonia máxima), obtained by aqueous extraction at low temperature. LIGNOKELP naturally contains a high proportion of auxins and other active substances which endow this extract with a great stimulant potential.

It exhibits auxinic activity equivalent to 25 ppm, where this should be understood not as the auxin concentration in the product, but its capacity to stimulate the development of roots (according to a bioassay carried out by the University of Alicante). LIGNOKELP nurtures the rooting, setting and fattening of fruits, and can be used throughout the whole cycle of the crop as a complement to the fertilisation programme.

Family: Biostimulants

Guaranteed Content

Liquid extract of Ecklonia máxima
101,4 % p/v
Alginic acid
0,61 % w/v
pH (direct)
1,014 g/cc

Application and dose

General: 200-300 cc/hl, during active growth, to prevent or alleviate stress and improve the condition of the crop and production and condition.
Fruit horticulturals: 200 cc/hl. Apply 2-4 times, at the moments of sprouting, growth, flowering, setting and fattening of the fruits.
Leaf horticulturals: 200 cc/hl, 2-3 applications during the active growth cycle, with first applications from the state of 6-8 leaves, and repeating 1-2 times.
Grapes: 2 l/ha before flowering, 2-3 applications.
Table grapes: 1.5-2 l/ha, 2-3 applications from sprouts of 5-10 cm.
Stone fruits: 2 l/ha, 2 applications during flowering. 3-5 l/ha up to 3 applications from 40 to 70 days before harvest, every 15 days.
Pome fruits: 3-4 l/ha, apply before flowering and 3 times from setting.
Citruses: 3-4 l/ha, apply 3 times at the moments of white button, start of flowering and fruits recently set.
Strawberries and other berries: 2 l/ha, applied 5 to 8 times from 1 month after transplantation.
Rice: 2-3 l/ha when there are 3-4 leaves.  
Avocado: 3 l/ha, apply 1-2 times from the moment of visible floral panicle, with a separation of 15 days.

General: 2-3 l/ha. Apply to coincide with rooting, setting and development of fruits.
Perennial crops: 2-3 l/ha. To stimulate root development, activate the vegetation, and nurture fruit setting and development.

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