LIGNOSAL is a product rich in calcium which is appropriate for correcting salinity problems in the soil and meeting the calcium needs of crops. It contains calcium complexed with organic acids, in combination with organic matter and fulvic acids, which make the product into an excellent tool for improving the physico-chemical conditions of the soil, mainly by correcting excess salinity. LIGNOSAL helps crops reach their maximum potential yields.

Family: Soil conditioners

Guaranteed Content

Calcium oxide (CaO) complexed with lignosulphonic acid
13,3% p/v
Calcium oxide (CaO) water soluble
13,3% p/v
1,33 g/cc

Application and dose

Horticulturals: aubergine, courgette, beans, melon, pepper, tomato, watermelon and strawberry.
Amount of Lignosal to add, by irrigation water salt content.
1. Start of planting: up to 1 g/l, 1 cc/plant. Up to 2 g/l, 1.5 cc/plant. Up to 3 g/l, 2 cc/plant.
2. Start of flowering, up to harvest: up to 1 g/l, 4-6 l/ha per week. Up to 2 g/l, 5-7 l/ha per week. Up to 3 g/l, 6-8 l/ha per week.
3. During harvest: up to 1 g/l, 5-6 l/ha per week. Up to 2 g/l, 7 l/ha per week. Up to 3 g/l, 7-8 l/ha per week.
Woody crops: 40-90 l/ha distributed over 2-5 applications.
Tropicals and bananas: 40-60 l/ha to be distributed over the whole cycle.
Maximum: 200 l/ha.
Fruit trees and citruses: 15 l/ha per application.
Regular applications depending on needs.

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