POTASIO BIOLÓGICO is a fertiliser and stimulant concentrate of plant origin, obtained after the processing of materials from the sugar industry. It has a high content in potassium, and is rich in aminoacids, both from natural sources. It is a source of organic matter and humic acids which improve the

properties of the soil, the rooting of crops, and has an outstanding effect on the fattening, quality and maturity of the fruits.

Family: Bionutrients

Guaranteed Content

Free aminoacids
7,7% p/v
Total nitrogen (N)
3,2% p/v
Organic nitrogen (N)
2,6% p/v
Potassium oxide (K2O) water soluble
9,0% p/v
Materia Orgánica Total
51,6% p/v
Pentóxido de Fosforo (P2O5) Soluble en agua
0,9% p/v
Extracto Húmico Total
31,0% p/v
Ammoniacal nitrogen (N)
0,65% p/v
1,3 g/cc

Application and dose

General: 1-2 cc/l with a maximum of 2.5 cc/l.

Citruses, fruit trees, grapevines and olives: 40-80 l/ha distributed over several applications.
Horticulturals and ornamentals: 40-80 l/ha distributed over several applications.
Bananas and tropicals: 40-80 l/ha distributed into 2-4 applications over the crop cycle.

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