Rooter and promoter of root development

RADICCI is a concentrate of plant extracts which stimulate rhizogenesis, based on mineral elements and polysaccharides devised to enhance and accelerate root formation. RADICCI includes natural rooting promoting substances such as auxins.

It is especially useful in the first stages of acclimatisation and development of transplanted crops, enabling more vigorous and productive growth later, while also helping to use the nutrients supplied more efficiently.

Family: Biostimulants

Guaranteed Content

Free aminoacids
3,5% p/v
Total nitrogen (N)
3,2% p/v
Organic nitrogen (N)
1,6% p/v
N amoniacal
1,6% p/v
N ureico
1,6% p/v
Pentóxido de Fosforo (P2O5) Soluble en agua
16,4% p/v
Óxido de Potasio (K2O) Soluble en Agua
2,5% p/v
0,88% p/v
Materia Orgánica
31,5% p/v
1,26 g/cc

Application and dose

Herbaceous crops: Apply a minimum dose of 3 l/ha and application. In cases of direct sowing, wait until the young plant has at least two genuine leaves.  

Greenhouses: 5 l/ha after transplantation every 7-15 days, 2 or 3 times, with total use of 10-15 l/ha. Open-air: 3 l/ha after transplantation every 10 days, 3 to 5 times, with total use of 9-15 l/ha. Regeneration - stimulation of roots: 3 l/ha and application, depending on the plant, root loss problems and cycle.

Citruses, fruit trees and olives: 2.5 cc/foot in young plants and 5 cc/foot in adult plants, with 3-4 applications

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