Soil stimulant and conditioner

SOLMIX is a formulation based on a complex of free aminoacids of plant origin, with an organic extract of humic and fulvic acids, developed as a soil stimulant and conditioner. Using it on roots harnesses the efficiencies in its formulation for optimal development of crops and improved fruiting.

Family: Bionutrients

Guaranteed Content

Free aminoacids of plant origin
7,4% p/v
Total nitrogen (N)
3,7% p/v
Ammoniacal nitrogen (N)
2,0% p/v
Organic nitrogen (N)
1,7% p/v
Potassium oxide (K2O) water soluble
3,7% p/v
Total humic extract
30,8% p/v
Humic acids
7,4% p/v
Fulvic acids
23,4% p/v
1,23 g/cc

Application and dose

Activates development of the root system while also improving the nutrition of the plant.
Rapid effectiveness due to the addition of organic matter (humic and fulvic acids) and free aminoacids.
Improves the mobility and availability of the micronutrients at soil.
Simultaneously regenerates and activates the microbial flora of the ground, and improves soil structure (better water retention by the plant).
Compatible with applications of iron, improving their results.

Stimulates sprouting.
Enhances fruiting and the calibre of the fruit.
Accelerates the synthesis of vegetable proteins and hormones in the plant and generally makes the use of mineral supplements more efficient.
Their availability enables the plant to withstand conditions of biotic and/or abiotic stress with lower consumption of energy.
By crop and agronomic need: 5-10 l/ha and application, with doses of up to 10-20 l/ha possible, and a total of 3-4 applications over the crop cycle.
It should be applied in the moments of greatest growth activity or nutritional needs.
Recommended for all kinds of woody and arable crops.
- Soil stimulants and conditioners
- Improves the physiological activity of the plant
- Improves the assimilation of micronutrients
- Stimulates root growth

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