STOP 3 ACID is a liquid supplement of nitrogen and phosphorus enhanced with coadjuvants. It offers the following functionality:

pH regulator: allows the pH to be reduced in treatment mixes, preventing the alkaline hydrolysis of the active substances.

Antifoam agent: averts the formation of foam while preparing the mix, facilitating its preparation, especially when different products are to be mixed.

Synergy action of active substances.

Family: Water conditioners

Guaranteed Content

Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) water soluble
17,7% p/v
Total nitrogen (N)
4,7% p/v
Ureic nitrogen (N)
4,7% p/v
1,18 g/cc

Application and dose

Start the treatment by adding STOP 3 ACID to the water tank, while keeping the stirrer moving. Afterwards, add the phytosanitary products and/or fertilisers.

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