TIPPION is a liquid fertiliser which is very rich in potassium, and its formulation does not raise the pH of phytosanitary solutions. Highly recommended for increasing the fat content in olives, for the fattening and maturation of fruits and tubercles, as well as to increase the lignification of sprouts in those cases where this is required.


Family: Specialities

Guaranteed Content

Potassium oxide (K2O) water soluble
36,5% p/v
Sulphur trioxide (SO3)
62,1% p/v
1,46 g/cc

Application and dose

TIPPION can be used with all those crops which have high potassium demands, especially if they benefit from the supplemental sulphur.
TIPPION is applied from setting until maturation of fruits, or during the formation of starch reserves.

General dose: 200 cc/hl.
Citruses: 200 cc/hl (maximum dose).
Olives: 500-1500 cc/l, depending on the machinery employed and the characteristics of the crop.
Average dose: 1000 cc/hl.
Grapes: 500 cc/hl.

Olives: 10-20 l/ha and application.
Citruses: 15-20 l/ha and application.

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