TIPPOT-K65 is a high-graduation potash formulated with sulphur which includes a biostimulant complex, ideal for use in saline and alkaline soils. Its use is recommended for all those crops whose fruits can be used (citruses, fruit trees, olives, grapevines, horticulturals, trellis grapes, bananas, etc.). The continued use of TIPPOT-K65 increases size, colour, flavour and sugar index.

Family: Specialities

Guaranteed Content

Potassium oxide (K2O) water soluble
35,04% w/v
Sulphur trioxide (SO3)
59,57% w/v
4,38% w/v
Total sulphur (S)
23,80% w/v
1,46 g/cc

Application and dose

General: 10-15 l/ha and application.
Horticulturals: apply 10-20 l/ha weekly or fortnightly from the setting of the fruits, to obtain larger and better calibers.
Ripening: apply 20-30 l/ha from the end of fruit setting.
Melon and watermelon ripening: 15 to 20 l/ha so as to accelerate ripening.
Woody crops: 20-40 l/ha at the rate of 5-10 l/ha and application during the fattening and ripening of fruits.

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