ULTRACALCIO BORO prevents and reduces the rate of physiological disorders caused by poor calcium mobility. By using ULTRACALCIO BORO, falling flowers and fruits caused by reduced ethylene production in the plant are avoided and the fruit quality is improved, while physiological disorders are reduced. It provides assimilable calcium, essential for the development of cell walls, enhancing the hardiness of the plant against biotic and abiotic stresses.

Family: Specialities

Guaranteed Content

Calcium oxide (CaO) water soluble
21,3% p/v
Boron (B) water soluble
0,76% w/v
Free aminoacids
4,6% p/v
Total nitrogen (N)
15,2% p/v
Organic nitrogen (N)
0,91% w/v
Nitric nitrogen (N)
12,3% p/v
Ammoniacal nitrogen (N)
1,5% p/v
Ureic nitrogen (N)
0,46% w/v
1,52 g/cc

Application and dose

Cherry, peach, nectarine: 250-300 cc/hl in 3 applications (formation, growth and hardening of the stone).
Citruses: 250-300 cc/hl with 3 applications from setting to fattening.
Horticulturals: 100-200 cc/hl, with applications as needed.
Apple and olive: 300 cc/hl, with applications as needed.
Beetroot: 250 cc/hl with 2-3 applications as needed.

General: 200-300 cc/hl with 2-3 applications.
Fertigation: 5-8 l/ha and application, in several applications as needed.

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